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Silver Stardust
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After Rilke.jpg
After Rilke 
Mark Goldstein
(Book*hug Press)


Thricelandium by Mark Goldstein


Trace Language Cover.jpg
Trace Language
Mark Goldstein
(Book*hug Press)
Form of Forms.jpg
Form of Forms
Mark Goldstein
(Book*hug Press)
Heading 5
Image by Sharon McCutcheon



Jaclyn was the editor for my book of poetry, I found her to be an absolute wonderful human to work with. She’s a gentle gem who gave honest feedback in a nurturing way. Her notes were clear, concise and educational which I really appreciated.  She went above and beyond with highly organized work ethics, solid timelines and quotes. Any questions I had were quickly met with sincere dedication. I felt individually special and so grateful to have her uplifting energy on the journey. She said it was an honor to be a part of my project but really I’m the lucky one! 

 – Cher Obediah

For over twenty years, Jaclyn Piudik has been a trusted friend and fellow poet whose creative and editorial powers have been an ongoing gift to the apprehension of my own work. Piudik’s sensitivity toward, and great depth of knowledge of, English, French, Yiddish, Hebrew, German, and Latin poetry in translation continue to prove immeasurable to my own writing. She has edited seven of my manuscripts, five of which have gone on to publication, including the award-winning Tracelanguage (Book*hug 2008) and Form of Forms (Book*hug 2012) as well as the forthcoming Paul Celan: Thricelandium in which her involvement was especially pronounced — without her, I couldn’t have completed the book. Piudik is amazingly adept at editing complex and involved texts, syntactically “difficult” poetries, and works which are markedly sublime. Piudik is also an award-winning poet, and holds a doctorate in medieval studies from the University of Toronto. These qualifications alone set her apart yet, above all else, it is her artistry in language that uniquely qualifies her for the work.


 – Mark Goldstein

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