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Grunge Turqoise Wall


My poetic praxis has at its centre a love of form and language and a sense of play with both; and it is rooted in literary traditions ancient and modern.  I have dedicated many years to scholarship in medieval literature, the influences of which are apparent in my work.  At the same time, however, I have been deeply engaged in the study and practice of contemporary poetry and have a particular affinity with experimental genres that push the boundaries of convention.  It is the dialogue between these traditions, the conversation that they generate, that becomes a potent force in my work.  My poems bespeak my training in prosody and dedication to craft, taking their inspiration from a variety of sources, not only in English, but in other languages as well. They are driven by a linguistic and imagistic tension, an unusual juxtaposition of belletristic models with those unmistakably modern. It is my honor to share them with you.

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