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Seduction: Out of Eden, written collaboratively with Janet R. Kirchheimer, is a modern re-visioning of the creation story from the Book of Genesis. The poems are eclectic in style, and offer a lyrical interpretation of creation, the Garden of Eden, and the expulsion, drawing on the biblical text as well as exegetical, midrashic, and contemporary sources. With thanks to Mary Stewart Hammond, Gili Haimovich, and Yerra Sugarman for their endorsements and to our publisher, Kelsay Books.

To Suture What Frays:
The poems in this collection are governed by the theme of hunger in its diverse manifestations: spiritual, erotic, and physical. They draw heavily on mythology, classical literature and history, but look equally to popular culture and formal experimentation.  


The poems in Of Gazelles Unheard are transcreations of Federico Garcia Lorca’s ghazals (Sp. gacelas).

Tao of Loathliness

The poems in The Tao of Loathliness are based upon the figure of Cundrie la Surzière the loathly damsel and Grail messenger from Wolfram von Eschenbach’s medieval romance, Parzival.

 the corpus undone in the blizzard

the corpus undone in the blizzard is an account of a journey through illness and recovery. The poems engage deeply with the body, with hunger, and with the feminine – never lacking touches of humor and irony.

Reading: "the corpus undone in the blizzard" (2020)
Ariela Rivka Cabaret Video
Sept 22, 2020


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