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Of Untenable Prescience


To yoke the water for no reason
to be a wind-cadenced syllable.


Without eyes, the night abandons me


its teeth shine with heat  

as yellows inundate rest.

How brilliantly loss dents heart  

and the little bitternesses invade evening

having lunched on roses at midday


I resist sunset, defer to venom
as black cacti open to the rush.


Allow me a handful of planets,

teach me the knot of your throat.


From Of Gazelles Unheard (Beautiful Outlaw 2013) 




Sequins and Graffiti


A third moon-bath cleanses New York dank

of chromium swaddle, brute degrees of dactyl soot – 

one flash exponential to the 94th  relevation.

Boom box humidity smudges the refrain

the croon spiked with inescapable orbits


luggage impermeable to purpose, depleted

of feral plaid and souvenir.


O’ those badly shampooed angels who trouble

the pool, ruffling the streets, 

too young to know 


the jaundiced fruits of 2 am, impoverished neons 

painted on the retina, 


flight with one foot on the ground.

Published in Big City Lit 

December 2019

Blue Flowers_edited.png
Blue Flowers_edited.png


Image by Ekaterina Novitskaya

Why She Ate Her Hair

Because she lived in a house of hunger
                                emaciation nation

                         the state of starvation


Because she ran out of sky                   

           and this could bring heaven 


Because she needed definition             

                     to be angular 


Because if she ate enough of herself

                      she might find herself


Because mortality was not enough

           and surely god was hairless


Because they accused her of being 

                                 full of herself

  and she thought she'd prove them right.

Inspired by a 19th century photograph of a young anorexic woman who died from ingesting her own hair. (Van Dyke Print, "Stomach Encased in Hair,” 19th century.)

From To Suture What Frays (Kelsay Books 2017)

Originally published in The Tao of Loathliness (fooliar press 2005)

Also appeared in Barrow Street Summer 2000


Image by Yousef Espanioly


Burning House (February 2018): 


“Talk of Deer”

“Love and Other Falsehoods”


Celan 100 – Periodicities (November 2020)


“Fragments not Conducive to a Zen Garden”

“in all her habits of sadness”

“The Trees that Grow there May Not”

Ice Floe Press (December 2019)

Excerpt from “Places of Memory”


Dusie (August 2021)


r.k.v.r.y. quarterly (June 2019)

“Chemotherapy and the Tasmanian Devil”

JP-Author Pic_edited_edited.jpg


League of Canadian Poets – Very Small Verse

Contest: “Clepsydra” 2022 Winner 

                               Come, let's wash the rain

                                                   before it dies

                                                          of thirst.


Action, Spectacle: (Winter 2023)


"Disenchanted Vistas"

"Deviant Mirror )"


"En Face"

Cracked Concrete Wall


Letter Press Poetry Card
(Swoopological, 2022) 

Lined Surface

“Lady Pharoah” – poem commissioned for exhibition catalogue:  Fantasia by Signe Emdal,

Exhibition at Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris.

7 September- 25 November 2023

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