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My life and work experience have allowed me to cultivate many skills, not the least of which are listening, communicating and supporting others. I have fostered the acquisition of knowledge and facilitated critical understanding both in the creative and academic spheres.  And I try to do so in a way that nourishes and inspires those I mentor. My mentoring/coaching practice is for those who are looking for guidance and support in their own writing, be it in a scholarly setting or in arts-based training.  


As a creative mentor, my services are personalized, tailored to the individual needs of those I work with. This involves one-on-one teaching using textual models, approaches for generating new writing and providing feedback and suggestions for revision on your drafts. I also work with poets on larger projects at any point in the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to creating content to organizing a manuscript. Together we set the pace and strategize based upon what you would like to achieve in our sessions. The mentoring space offers a forum for exploration, nurturing your distinctive voice as a writer, honing your craft and cultivating your artistic development overall.


I offer a wide range of academic mentoring services drawing on my years of experience as a teacher of academic writing, classical and modern languages, English and humanities. I bring the ability to analyze complex concepts, to do research, to synthesize and share information and ideas, and to promote learning. I have developed an eye for detail, linguistic acumen and a balance of pragmatism and ingenuity. We can work together at any stage of assignment completion, on essay planning, writing and revision, on test preparation, and on course content. I can also help you to develop learning strategies, study skills and time management. I work with students at all levels: high school, university and post-graduate (including thesis and dissertation coaching).

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"I have had the great privilege of studying poetry privately with Jaclyn since mid-2019 and I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, kind, or generous teacher to usher me into the vast world of poetry. Jaclyn is so well-versed (pun intended) in the multitudes of poetic forms out there - both traditional and modern - that it is an endlessly fascinating journey studying with her. In addition to her technical expertise and insight, Jaclyn is also an incredibly gentle and patient teacher, which has made the intimidating prospect of both writing and studying poetry an absolute pleasure. I have grown so much from my time with her. I have developed a strong sense of my creative voice and vision, as well as a much keener insight into the economy and effects of words and language - whether I am writing poetry, songs, or prose. I highly recommend Jaclyn to both newcomers and experienced writers as the perfect teacher and guide. Thank for everything Jaclyn!"                                

 – Miriam Waks

"I have been learning poetry with Jaclyn for two years, and can hardly believe how much my practice has improved with her input and guidance! I started with a few rough poems and no idea how to work on them, but Jaclyn was so warm and encouraging, helping me to see and embrace the strengths in my writing. She shares her vast knowledge as we study interesting and diverse poems, and provides helpful prompts so that I can apply what I have learned about different forms and techniques to my own work. Jaclyn's generous approach has helped me develop my own unique voice, and made me a more confident and joyful writer. Connecting with her has been such a blessing!"               

 – Anna Mackiewicz                                                                                                        

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"There are lists of many advantages working with Jaclyn. In the time we worked together, Jaclyn would ask me questions to clarify my arguments and make sure they cohere, and in that she helped me to write what I wanted to express effectively. I say, to her credit, that she was what I was looking for in a mentor,  someone who could help me dig deeper to say what I mean and write it in a way that is readable and understandable. Jaclyn is easy to talk to, and when I was struggling at times to make my thoughts clear, she showed the virtue of listening patiently and encouraging me. She impressed me in her teaching capacity and I learned so much from the experience of working with her."

 – Alex G.

"Studying Latin with Dr. Piudik over the last four years has been an absolute joy and has really ignited my love of language and classics. She has been essential for the inception of my academic spirit, and I truly appreciate the work we've done together. Io Saturnalia!"

 – Zephyr A.-M.


"Dr. Piudik is an exceptional teacher, caring, dedicated, creative and innovative, impressively knowledgeable, and well-organised.  She mentors and encourages her students to perform their best work, instilling confidence and a willingness to take risks, inspiring them with her own scholarly achievements, and her contagious love of literature and the arts. She demonstrates great patience and sensitivity in working with doubly exceptional students (gifted plus) who form a significant part of our student body. Dr. Piudik is a supportive colleague, generous in taking on tasks, reliable, professional and engaged. We have been privileged to work with her.

 – Meg Fox, Principal, Dragon Academy

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