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An educator, writer and Ph.D., I bring years of experience in both the creative and academic spheres to my editing services. 


As an editor of poetry, I will work with you on individual pieces, on a chapbook manuscript or on a full-length collection. I provide big-picture feedback on organization, cohesion, clarity, and structure, as well as fine-tuning suggestions on matters of craft, such as form and diction. I can also help with projects that involve translation and transcreation. For those seeking to submit their finished works, we can partner to identify journals and publishers that will be best suited to your writing style. 


Likewise, in my work as an academic editor, I offer different packages to address your needs. I will work with you on an article, a dissertation or a full monograph and will respond to broader concerns, such as depth of analysis, argumentation and structure, as well as clarity of expression and tone. In addition, I can work with you on copyediting your text, notes and bibliography, translation, transliteration and formatting to meet your publisher’s specifications. 

Grey Paper


AnyWord_Phil Hall Festschrift_edited.jpg
AnyWord: A Festscrift for Phil Hall
(co-edited with Mark Goldstein)
Audacity of Form poetry collection
Audacity of Form 
by Robert Frede Kenter 
Form of Forms poetry book
In This Life_edited.png
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