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Lady Pharaoh - a poem for Signe Emdal's Fantasia exhibition

Signe Emdal, "Lady Pharaoh" (with my accompanying poem) from the exhibition Fantasia, Galerie Maria Wettergren, Paris, September-November 2023.

I met Signe Emdal at a residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands. Signe is a

gifted textile artist who "transform[s] emotions and ambiances into tangible textile structures." She is also a beautiful soul. Travelling with her loom, she has studied ancient textile cultures and incorporates their techniques into her creations. When Signe invited me to write a poem to accompany the image of her "Lady Pharoah" for her Autumn 2023 exhibition at the Maria Wettergren Gallery in Paris, I gratefullly accepted. Needless to say that I was thrilled that both Signe and the gallery loved the poem.  This is the spread from the gorgeous catalogue produced for the exhibition.

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